Who is the Whiskey Philosopher?

The Whiskey Philosopher is a Southern native, has a PhD in Philosophy from a major university in California, and teaches in the Lone Star State.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there!

    Who said a degree in Philosophy wasn’t good for anything? :^)

    I teach Philosophy at one of the University of Wisconsin Campuses and a colleague over in History and I were thinking about a course to be called something like “The Spirit(s) of America”… that would use whiskey as the focus for the history and political philosophy of the US (eg. I usually use the rules of drinking from Greek symposia to explain arete)… anyway, you get the idea.

    So I’ve been rooting around for a text I could use. Probably a 200 or 300 level class.

    Any suggestions?

    Love the blog and thanks!


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