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I Drink, Therefore I Blog

What, if anything, do whiskey and philosophy have to do with each other?

For me, the question is easy. When I drink, I like to drink whiskey. I am also a philosopher, in the sense that I teach and write in the academic field of philosophy. Whiskey and philosophy are united in being two of my passions (though they should be combined only in moderation).

The posts on this website so far started as a set of posts on my personal homepage. It is just a loose collection of whiskey reviews and interesting little tidbits. When I decided to rearrange my web presence recently, I came up with the idea of putting the whiskey stuff on a site called “The Whiskey Philosopher,” without thinking much about what that meant.

The world doesn’t just need one more site of whiskey reviews and news, or opinions about the industry. If I am going to have a site like this, it needs to do something interesting and distinctive. It needs to be rewarding to write and interesting to read. One thing I have to offer the whiskey world is my training as a philosopher. So, what can philosophy offer the world of whiskey blogging? And what can whiskey offer to the philosopher qua philosopher? Continue reading I Drink, Therefore I Blog

Whiskey Review Post Formats

One of the exciting things about getting my blog up and running is having a place to post some longer-form whiskey reviews. (I’ve done some micro reviews on Twitter.) My first is my review of Baker’s! (Actually, one I’ve had stored in a spreadsheet for some time.) But the real question is, what style for the reviews? I tried a pretty long, structured version like Whiskey Wonka or Bourbon Enthusiast, but should I go for a shorter, less formal review like Sku or John Hansell?  Longer, informal, more narrative reviews like Drinkhacker or Scotch & Ice Cream? What sort of reviews do you like to read?